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2023 Fall Resident Artists

Education · Outreach · Entertainment

The Living Music Resource is a catalyst for creativity through our unique approach: “Edutainment.”

Th LMR Live Show is webseries that highligts industry professionals during their residencies.

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The LMR Live Show

Nany Maria Balach


Brady Bramlett
Antoin Marshall
Benton Donahue
Maya Taylor
Ben Curry
Isabel Goad

 Through an application process, LMR selects both graduate and undergraduate students to work as assistants on projects and initiatives. LMR opportunities and mentorship allow students to connect with the professional world and prepares them for a multifaceted career. 

Working With The Best

University of Mississippi
Music Department at Ole Miss
College of Liberal Arts at the University of Missississppi
The Secret Salon Society
Organizations LMR has collaborated with.

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